Hurricane Doors Fl | Preparing for a Hurricane

Florida is one of the most notorious places to live when it comes to hurricanes. Here are 3 ways to stay safe next season.



Sandbags can be one of the best ways to prevent flooding inside the home. Having a thick wall around the openings of your house can reduce the amount of water pressure against the structure. This means that when heavy rains come, there will be less water inside the house. This option is also very simple to implement and inexpensive.




Evacuations are not usually needed unless stated by certain agencies. Make sure you have access to a radio or television during the storm so that you can stay updated. If your local authorities make an evacuation mandatory, it is best that you leave as soon as possible. If recommended, you can weigh your options.


First Aid and Food


Perhaps the most important part of being prepared for a hurricane is preparing emergency materials. This includes radios, batteries, water, food, medical supplies, medication, and more. Having stored food is especially important for when evacuations are mandatory, as the evacuation process can take more than a day.


Hurricane Doors Fl


Castle Impact Windows is here to offer you the best protection for your buck when it comes to hurricanes. Our storm rated glass will keep you safe while removing the need for unsightly shutters.

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