Now is the time to go to your local store and stock up on your family power outage supplies that you will need if a hurricane, tropical storm or just nasty weather knocks your power out.

You don’t want to be running to the store to pickup these supplies when it is packed with other people doing the same thing. The end result may be not getting what you need for your family because it is already sold out. This way you will be prepared and not stressed out when the stores are lined up with other customers who shop only days before a storm hits.


Below are the items you should have on hand:

  • gallons of water (one gallon per day, per person)
  • condiments (small enough for one time use)
  • paper plates
  • napkins
  • paper cups 
  • plastic utensils
  • hand wipes (individual packets or dispenser)
  • manual can opener
  • barbeque brickets
  • batteries

We are sure you already thought of having these groceries on hand in case the power goes out from a tropical storm, hurricane or extreme weather but here are some ideas just in case:

  • Instant coffee and teabags (just add hot water from a pan or tea kettle off your grill)
  • Instant oatmeal (made with hot water see above)
  • Dry creamer (for your coffee, tea or even oatmeal)
  • Cans of seafood (tuna, crabmeat, salmon, etc)
  • Cans of ham
  • Cans of chicken
  • Dried, Canned or Pre-packaged Fruit (applesauce, pineapple, mandarin oranges, etc)
  • Snack packs of Jello or Pudding
  • Honey
EXTRA TIP: – Save those individual packets you get with take-out or delivery – mayo – mustard – salad dressing (these items will stay with no refrigeration until you need them)
***Always check the salt content on any item you are buying to stay health conscience***
Just make sure you have what you need to get through hours or days without electricity.
Lets us know if you think of anything not listed. We’d love to hear from our readers!