Hurricanes Up Compared to Recent Years

most likely

A recent Palm Beach Post article corroborates the information coming from scientific here in the states regarding this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season: Meteorological Office Sees More Hurricanes

The report calls for an increase in storms and named storms over a normal year. Note, we have had 3 years of less than average activity, so even though the report calls for 14 storms, instead of 12, and 8 hurricanes instead of 6, that 14 and 8 compare with the last three year averages of 11 and 4, so we should see an uptick of around 30% more storms and 100% more hurricanes!

One should not take this as a sign to panic, but one would be very wise to take serious and thoughtful precautions:

Do you have a storm plan?

Do you have water and canned goods?

Do you have evacuation plans, if needed?
(Do not wait to the last minute to evacuate if you you are planing to leave, go 36-48 hours prior to landfall to avoid being caught on the expressway in a massive traffic jam)

Do you know where the nearest shelter is?
(no, they do not take pets, so make arrangements now to find a safe place for your pets)

Do you have adequate storm protection for your home?
(no, tape, or poorly anchored flimsy thin plywood are not protection. A strong storm can either blow your windows and door in (positive pressure) or suck them out (negative pressure). Last year’s Mexican hurricane pulled sliding glass windows and french doors off of waterfront condos and left them in the grass outside the buildings!

If you are going to buy protection this season, the time is now, heavy duty plywood and tapcons and high quality power drills are going to run out as a storm approaches, and if you are planning on having a company such as ours install permanent impact rated protection, (shutters and impact windows), the time from when you order until we are able to install your shutters increases by weeks as we get into a busy storm season.


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