If Earl Knocks, Be Ready

We have been spared much in the way of storms so far this 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season. during the first 8 weeks we were still under the fading effects of last year’s El nino. Now, as most storm watchers had predicted, The El Nino is gone. We are already seeing a path of storms building up off the African coast.


One system is already have way here, but looks like it might not turn into a major storm. The next one is sitting below the Cape Verde Islands, and is a powerful weather system already. The chances of it developing are at least 50-50. The system is projected to make it to Florida on or around the weekend of August 5-7.

It is a little late to order any permanent protection for Earl, the name the storm will be given when it reaches storm status. All of us at Folding Shutter and Castle Impact Windows hope you survive this weather system, if it hits us, but also hope you will take this as a reminder that between now and November, we may be in for some very dangerous weather.

If your home and family are not currently properly protected, please give us a call and we can send a project manager to your home to advise you are the best way to secure your most valuable possessions.

Tropical Outlook 07 29 2016

The Following is the latest report from WLRN in Miami:

Original Post Wednesday Evening: The Atlantic Basin has been quiet for more than a month. Considering how active the season started, this may seem like a surprise. However, historically speaking, a busy start to the season doesn’t necessarily correlate with an active year overall. Climatology suggests the busiest months of the hurricane season are August, September and October. And seemingly right on cue, a tropical wave near the west coast of Africa is catching our eye.

The National Hurricane Center has identified an area of disturbed weather 550 miles southeast of the Cabo Verde Islands for potential development, giving it a “medium chance” in the next five days. According to most reliable forecast models now labeling this “Invest 96”, environmental conditions are expected to be conducive for some development through the weekend as the wave moves west. If a tropical storm were to develop, the next name on the 2016 list would be Earl. There is currently no threat to the State of Florida or the United States from the tropics over the next five to seven days.

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