How to Choose the Right Impact Window for Your Home

Switching to impact windows in Florida has now become a necessity, especially if you live on the coasts, where hurricanes, strong winds, storms, and other damaging weathers can develop. But the process of choosing and buying the right impact windows for you isn’t as simple and easy as it appears. If you’re considering making the switch but have no idea where to start, here are four tips on how to choose the right impact window for your home.

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How Do I Choose the Right Impact Window for My Home?

Learn About the Different Types and Qualities of Impact Windows

Impact windows can be costly to buy and install, depending on the type of window you choose and the type of material it’s made of. But it’s worth it because of how durable these windows are and how much it can protect your home during any damaging weather. It can even prevent burglars from breaking into your home!

It’s important to choose an impact window that will last longer. So, research about the different types and quality of impact windows. Also, ask about its U-factor and R-value, which explains about the window’s insulation capacity.

Take Note of Your City Code

When buying and installing impact windows, it’s important that you know your city code. Different cities and towns have different codes that must be followed when buying or installing new impact windows.

Measure Your Windows

Take precise measurements of every window in your house that you wish to replace. It’s necessary so the window you buy fits in snuggly with space. It also helps guarantee that you won’t have any trouble opening and closing it. Custom-fit windows also prevent any chances of water or air leakage.


Before buying, always ask about the warranty and the terms.

Do You Need Impact Windows in FL?

Consider these four tips when looking for the right impact windows in FL for your home. At Castle Impact Windows, we offer high-quality impact windows at a reasonable price. We will help you find the right impact window for you that suits your budget. Contact us with any questions!

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