Increasing Your Property Value with Impact Window Installation

south florida impact windows and shuttersHurricane season in the Atlantic region is six months long, starting on June 1 and ending November 30. While it is known when hurricane season will occur, there is no way for meteorologists to determine what the upcoming hurricane season will be like. The number of storms and the intensity of the storms are unpredictable and those living in areas that are impacted by these storms should be as prepared as possible. That is why hurricane resistant or impact resistant windows are important to have installed in the home.

Impact-resistant windows are made with impact-resistant glass that is surrounded by a heavy frame and securely fastened to the interior window frame. These windows help protect the structure of the home because they do not break if hit with high winds or debris. When windows are broken during a storm it causes increased pressure inside the home which can result in loosing a wall or even the roof!

Having these types of windows installed will save you time when there is an approaching storm. No need to worry about scrambling around town trying to find plywood to cover up the exterior of the windows. You are able to concentrate on other things to prepare for the storm.

Even if you are not selling your home at this time, having the impact-resistant windows installed will add value to your home. They will offer protection from wind and debris, save money on energy bills and offer extra protection against burglary. If in the future you do decide to sell your home, potential buyers will be more interested in purchasing a home that already has these types of windows installed and you will be able to gain a higher selling price for your home compared to a home of the same type without these types of windows already installed.

Castle Impact Windows is eager to help you find the right type of impact-resistant windows for your home. Their expert staff will come out and measure the existing windows and explain the process of replacing them with a free estimate. The windows and installation are each covered by warranties. Let them help you have peace of mind when there is an approaching storm.

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