Matthew Looks to Blow In our Doors


Matthew has strengthened rapidly over the last 48 hours, it is now a major hurricane with maximum sustained winds of 155 mph! It is also drifting westward. whereas less than 24 hours ago, the “cone of  probability had Matthew tracking right through the heart of the Bahamas, and the edge of the cone just off shore of Miami, This morning’s 5 am update  has shifted about 60 miles west so the cone includes Lake Okeechobee and the current track has it passing less than 200 miles  from Ft Lauderdale. If this course hold, south Florida should be  in for a  bit of  wet and windy weather and higher tides, late Wednesday night and Thursday early morning. If this  storm, as storms often do, continues to drift west, we could have major flooding a winds well in excess of 110 mph all along the coast from Key west to Jacksonville. By Tuesday morning’s 5 am  update, we should have a firm path in regards to south Florida, so check your  supplies, inspect your storm protection, and keep an eye on the hurricane updates! This could be a little rain, or it could be worse than Andrew. 48 more hours  ought to tell the tale.

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