Our Reputation is our Strength!

We are in the strength business. It is critical that our aluminum shutters, folding, colonial, Bahama, rolling, panels, screens, as well as our impact laminated glass be strong. And they are. Every one of our impact products meet the strict Florida Building Code requirements. Even our non impact lines of colonial and Bahama shutters are designed to withstand winds in excess of 170 mph!

We started building and installing shutters in 1969. Some of our shutters from over 30 years ago are still in daily use, still protecting the owners and their property! As amazing as our various products are, and as long lasting as they have proven to be, the real strength of our success, is that MOST of our new business comes from referrals and repeat customers. So truly, our reputation is our strength. If you want to know, ask your neighbor, or call us and have a no obligation consultation with one of our factory trained professional project managers.

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