How To Prepare Your Home For A Hurricane

Though we all hope for the best during a storm, it’s wise to be proactive in protecting your home. Take these steps to prevent expensive damage to your property and, more importantly, ensure the safety of those you care about.

Secure the Roof

The greatest potential damage to your home can come through the roof. Loose shingles or tiles can be torn off by high winds and water may enter causing any number of problems. Have a professional inspect your roof to make sure it is in good condition and, if your house doesn’t already have them, consider adding roof straps—metal straps that attach the roof to the walls. If your roof needs replacing, consider sealing the roof deck for added protection against water damage.

 Secure Annexed Structures

In high winds, major damage can be done to a home if any annexed structures, such as porches and car ports, are not secured. Make sure that the beams supporting any porch or other open structure are well anchored.

Secure Windows and Doors

Water damage, flying debris, high winds—all of these dangers can enter your home through broken windows and doors. One of the best and easiest ways to protect your home from these hazards is by installing impact windows or storm shutters. Not sure which method of protection is right for you? Contact Castle Impact Windows today for a free estimate.

Secure All Openings

Your front and back doors are not the only entrances that need protection. Garage doors and any other openings, such as holes in the walls where electrical wires enter your house, also need to be sealed and reinforced. Garage doors can be protected with vertical braces and horizontal beams to prevent being blown in by strong gusts of wind. Electrical openings can be sealed with caulk to prevent water from entering and causing damage.

 Secure the Yard

Never underestimate the power of strong winds. Lawn furniture and decorations, even heavy planters or statues, can be picked up and carried quite a distance by the wind, potentially causing serious damage or injury. Anything that isn’t fastened to the ground should be put safely indoors. Consider your landscaping as well. Are there any trees that may fall or branches, dead or dying that may be prone to snapping off? Take care of these before the weather does. 

Secure Gutters

Clogged or broken gutters can cause bigger problems than you might expect. If water is not carried away from the house, it may pool around the foundation. Over time, this water damage may weaken the foundation, even causing it to crack—a big problem, but easily prevented simply by keeping gutters in good working order.

Though hurricanes and tropical storms are unavoidable, damage to your property is not. Your home is your biggest investment—don’t wait until the storm is on its way to take preventative measures. Start now.

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