The National Weather Service will stop using all caps its forecasts.

Apparently the tradition of the TV weather man yelling and making it sound like the end of the world if it rains an inch has its roots in the 1800s teletype machine. The early key boards/printers of the old telegrams only had uppercase characters. So everything the Weather Service sent out was in all caps. As most of us know today, as texting is becoming more common than a voice phone call, all caps looks like YELLING!


Typical Screaming Weatherman

The NWS has realized this and is changing the bulletins to regular mixed case this year.
They also are revamping their “discussion” pages. These were originally designed for weather scientists to discuss probabilities. Because it was designed for professionals, the use of jargon and Acronyms has been common. But internal surveys have shown that many of us who are not in the weather business also read and follow these discussions closely. The weather service will be encouraging the professionals to use language more accessible to the rest of us.

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As always, we are hoping for another safe storm season, but we cannot be certain of anything except the weather is by its very nature unpredictable. These changes will give all of us access to more and better information, and maybe stop some of the YELLING! Lets be safe, take precautions. Make sure your storm protection is in good working order. If it isnt, have it serviced NOW, before the storm season. If you do not have storm protection for EVERY opening on your home, please consider upgrading to safety. Then when every opening is protected, and when you know all of your protection devices are in good working order, you can follow along with the new, calmer weather service and relax, even during hurricanes and stormy weather . If you are unprotected, somebody probably ought to be yelling at you!

We do not yell or pressure anyone, but if you have protection questions, we will be glad to give you a no obligation storm safety evaluation, show you options, even offer you financing, if you want it. We supply and service impact rated shutters, windows and doors. We arent the only company in the South Florida area to offer these services, but we are the most trusted as we have protected over 100,000 of your neighbors’ homes since 1969.

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