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Are Impact Windows Expensive?

During storm season, living in an area prone to strong hurricanes can be a worrisome situation. However, there are several...

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Non-storm Reasons to Get Impact Windows

Storms in Florida may be hazardous to your property, and a hurricane can be downright devastating. Impact-resistant windows can protect your home...

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Is It Possible to Prevent Break-Ins with Impact Windows?

Every home’s windows are recognized to be the weakest spot, leaving you exposed to break-ins. Impact windows in FL, on...

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Protect Windows with Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters in Palm Beach offer you the greatest value in terms of hurricane protection, especially regarding ease of use...

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What’s the Difference Between Regular and Impact Windows?

Every time a storm is coming, people often nail plywood over their windows. Although this can protect the windows, it’s...

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