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3 Tips on How to Maintain Your Accordion Shutters

Accordion shutters Palm Beach are a great way to protect your property, not just from damaging weather, like a hurricane or a storm, but also from robbery and theft. They’re heavy-duty, so they can effectively block strong winds and direct sunlight. They also provide great insulation. Plus, they fold easily for compact storage. Unfortunately, elements,[...]

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4 Types of Hurricane Shutters and Their Advantages

As the hurricane season is fast approaching, it’s best to prepare ahead of time. Doing so will guarantee that you, your family, your home, or business are safe and protected from damaging weather. If you feel like you’re unprepared and have no idea where to start, then you can begin by fortifying your home with[...]

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How to Choose the Right Impact Window for Your Home

Switching to impact windows in Florida has now become a necessity, especially if you live on the coasts, where hurricanes, strong winds, storms, and other damaging weathers can develop. But the process of choosing and buying the right impact windows for you isn’t as simple and easy as it appears. If you’re considering making the[...]

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4 Common Hurricane Prep Myths Debunked

Installing impact windows FL in your home is a great way to protect you and your family from all that comes with hurricane season! That includes debris impact, rain leakage, and wind damage! But still, a lot of people have their doubts about impact windows because of myths and misconceptions. Let’s debunk most the common[...]

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5 Reasons to Get Impact Windows West Palm Beach

It’s part of living in South Florida. You truly live in paradise, but with the payoff of nasty weather every once in a while. With all of the storm protection options on the market, it’s totally worth it! Keep your home in check 365 days out of the year with our impact windows West Palm[...]

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What Makes Hurricane Doors FL Unique?

In a storm-prone area like Florida, it’s great to be prepared for hurricane season. The good news is that over the years, science and technology have significantly improved ordinary home features and designed them to be resistant to strong, high-velocity winds and heavy rains. The introduction of hurricane doors FL and windows in the market[...]

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4 Reasons to Buy Impact Windows West Palm Beach

We all know that impact windows can offer your home or property some much-needed protection against hurricanes and storms. But there are other benefits of installing impact windows West Palm Beach! Impact Windows Will Protect Your House Home protection is the main goal of impact windows. Regular windows are, of course, more susceptible to breaking[...]

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What Happens If You Don’t Invest in Hurricane Doors Miami?

Peace of mind is priceless! Fixing storm damage, however, is not. Like clockwork, every few years, Floridians take to the grocery stores and gas stations to get ready for what looks to be the storm of the year. But, when they’ve invested in hurricane doors Miami, they automatically have a key component of storm prep[...]

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Hurricane Windows Florida | Reasons to Install Hurricane Windows in Your Home

If you live in a place that is constantly battered by storms you need to consider installing hurricane windows Florida especially if you have no plans of relocating any time soon. It’s one of the most effective ways to storm-proof your home. Hurricane Windows Florida Protect Your Property Many of you are going to think[...]

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Hurricane Windows Jupiter | Why You Should Install Hurricane Windows

Although it’s highly impossible for anyone to stop a hurricane, anyone can lessen its damage. If a destructive hurricane is not a stranger in your area, you should consider installing Hurricane Windows Jupiter in your home if protecting it is your priority. Aside from the fact that they’ll protect your house from high winds, storm[...]

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Impact Windows West Palm Beach | 3 Things You Need to Know About Impact Windows

No matter how intelligent the world has become, we can’t fight nature and the only way to survive is to strategize and find means to protect ourselves. If you live in West Palm Beach you know that hurricanes are pretty common, and they can be pretty disastrous too. How should you protect yourself aside from[...]

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The National Weather Service will stop using all caps its forecasts. Apparently the tradition of the TV weather man yelling and making it sound like the end of the world if it rains an inch has its roots in the 1800s teletype machine. The early key boards/printers of the old telegrams only had uppercase characters.[...]

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