The 2016 Colorado State Hurricane Season Projections are Out

A recent article in the Palm Beach Post tells us what to expect from this year’s Atlantic Hurricane Season. We have already had a very unusual January hurricane this year, but the experts at Colorado State University are projecting a significant increase in storm activity compared with the last couple of years when we averaged 11 named storms and 5 hurricanes. Technically, it is considered likely to be a normal year with a slightly higher than average likelihood of more severe storms. We have been in a lower than normal pattern for a few years so this is certainly an uptick.

Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray

Photo: Philip J. Klotzbach and William M. Gray Current and founding directors of the CSU hurricane project

Of course the science of storm predicting is greatly improved from the early days, but there are still too many variables to be sure of your odds. The State of Florida has decreed all new buildings meet the strict Florida Building Code impact and window pressure regulations. If you are unsure of whether your home meets all the codes required to survive a major storm, we will gladly offer you a FREE no obligation Storm Safety Evaluation.

2016 hurricane names and pronunciations

Alex AL-leks

Bonnie BAH-nee

Colin KAH-lihn

Danielle dan-YELL

Earl URR-ull

Fiona fee-OH-nuh

Gaston ga-STAWN

Hermine her-MEEN

Ian EE-an

Julia JOO-lee-uh

Karl KAR-ull

Lisa LEE-suh

Matthew MATH-yoo

Nicole nih-KOHL

Otto AHT-toh

Paula PAHL-luh

Richard RIH-churd

Shary SHAHR-ee

Tobias toh-BEE-uss

Virginie vir-JIN-ee

Walter WALL-tur

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