The Best Windstorm Policies in Florida

A recent report on NPR’s Miami station WLRN mentioned that a large portion of today’s insurance companies that write windstorm protection were not here the last time a hurricane landed in Florida. Citizens has redirected over half of its policies to these new private companies that may or may not be solvent enough to take on a major storm. Traditionally, after a major storm, a few companies go belly up and the state reinsurance fund has to step in. That may happen again. The article interviews 4 state officials who tried to assure the listeners/readers that all is well, but when 40 of the 67 insurance companies that write windstorm policies in Florida have never dealt with ANY hurricane. “IF” is not the right question, it is a matter of “WHEN” a major storm will hit Florida, and with three named storms already underway before the first week of the 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season is behind us, it looks a lot like the”WHEN” will be this year.
on its way
For those of us who have experienced storms back to Andrew, and Some of us much further back (my first experience was Camille, in the Gulf Coast), we know some form of help will eventually come, but if you are in the path of a Cat 3 – Cat 5, and you are counting on the state or your insurance company to take care of you. You might have to wait, weeks, months, or even a couple of years! If you really want to buy the best policy you can find to protect your home, and family, make sure you have up to date IMPACT rates protection for EVERY opening on your home!

A new roof is a good idea, if yours is over 12-15 years old. a good medium sized generator is also a good investment, but believe it or not, your opening protection is more critical than your roof, and the generator is a luxury, compared to either home improvement. Both impact windows and impact shutters offer excellent protection. Both take weeks to build and install, so the sooner you do something, the better! Oh, as an added benefit, protecting your home also lowers your windstorm policy premium.

Remember, while an early storm seems more likely this year than most, many of the worst storms have hit Florida later in the season. If you order your protection today, usually, it will be installed in a few weeks and you will be safe for the fall and for many years to come.


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