Tips to Keep Your Family Safe at Home

impact windowsThere are a few things that you can do to keep your family safe. If you have children, start at an early age about how to be safe at home. Teach them that they are not to open the door for anyone. That they are to come and get the adult that is in the home with them if someone should come to the door. Teach them how to dial 911 and when it is appropriate to do so. It is also important to tell them what things 911 are not used for. Show them how to find you and your spouse’s/partners phone number in your mobile phone. For older children that have their own mobile phones, you can set up a code that would alert you if they are scared or in danger.

To make your home safe from intruders, make it appear that your home is occupied at all times. Leave some lights on and the television playing when you leave the house. You can even leave a pair of shoes near the door. Keep the bushes and trees trimmed around the outside of the home. These make good hiding places for intruders. Make it a point to get to know your neighbors. Neighbors will watch out for other neighbors. They can alert you of any unusual activity that is happening around the exterior of your home. Check that all the windows and doors are locked before leaving the house or going to bed. You can also have a company such as Castle Impact Windows come and install impact resistant windows and doors. The impact resistant glass is a great way to deter an intruder because they are almost impossible to break. Do not keep a spare key outside. If you need to leave a spare key, make sure that you put it in the least obvious place as possible.

Have adequate lighting the points to driveways, entry points and pathways. If you do not want to have a light on at all times, you can have motion sensor lights installed on the exterior of the home. Have lights inside the home on timers. Have different rooms come on and go off at different times.

If you are needing a sense of extra security, you can have an alarm system installed. There are companies that will come and install and monitor your alarm activity for a small fee each month.

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