‘Tis the Season, Hurricane Season, That Is, Three at Once

three storms

Fiona Sunday     Disturbance 1 Sunday

Disturbance 2 Sunday

We are at the height of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, with three storms rolling through the Atlantic, and most likely one or two headed in our area within a week or so. This peak is  going to last until late October, and then, if we are lucky, it will quieten down for the  last month of the season. Historically, November has been very hit or miss, and one recent year we  had storms all the way into December.

In any case, if you are not prepared for a storm at this point, you are rolling the dice with your life and property. Please take the time to make your preparations now, while no storm is on top of us! And be sure to check your home’s storm protection systems. If your home is not fully protected, it is not too late to get that protection.

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