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Hurricane doors in FL are more than just a precautionary measure. It is a fantastic investment in home improvement that extends beyond storm protection, with plenty of benefits. It is believed that these types of doors pay for themselves over time.  

Sure, security comes with the price. However, along with the cost-effectiveness that it generates for both the short and long term, the protection it grants goes beyond storms and transfers into the good ole’ Florida lifestyle, not to mention keeping up with the hot Florida weather. 

installing hurricane doors in fl

Why Do You Need a Hurricane Door in Sunny Florida? 

There Are Various Reasons for Getting a Storm Door 

Hurricane doors are especially created to keep out harmful elements such as dust, dirt, and general debris. Over time, these elements can penetrate through a normal door and cause wear to the interior of your home. This may make your home much more vulnerable to intruders.   

Castle Impact Windows offers features, namely shutter resistance material, that could combat intruders. Replacing your current setup with a storm door costs less than replacing a broken door.  

Hurricane doors ensure the best in efficiency by having a low-emissivity glass rating. This means the glass we use in our hurricane door has unparalleled control over the heat flow. Thus, significantly lowering your electricity bill for months or even years. 

Protection Beyond Calamities 

It is easy to underrate the value of your front door. But this entryway is the first thing guests see before entering and leaving your home, it is a crucial barrier between your family, life’s possession, and the outside world. Getting a hurricane-safe door is a must. 

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Thinking About Making the Switch to Impact-Resistant Glass Windows or Hurricane-Safe Doors? 

Castle Impact Windows offers a variety of trustworthy doors for homeowners in the West Palm Beach, Florida area. Elevate your home’s look with our stylish and versatile selection from doors to windows that will give you the security and protection that you need for the years to come.  

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