Two Storms Behind

End of Bonnie

Even though tomorrow is the start of the official 2016 Atlantic Hurricane Season, we have already had two named storms.

One was a hurricane and one a tropical storm that made landfall over Memorial Day Weekend in the Carolinas!

The experts are projecting at least 8 hurricanes this season.

Be sure to be prepared:

1) Stock up on extra supplies of

  • Canned food
  • Bottled water
  • Batteries and so on

2) Have your evacuation plan in place

3) Know  where the shelters are

4) Make arrangements for your pets, as you CANNOT take them to a shelter

5) Have your hurricane protection in place, NOW

If you are planning on getting your home protected, you need to act as soon as possible, because most reputable storm window or shutter companies are running several weeks from contract until installation. We are no exception. Fortunately, in most seasons, the busiest part of the season, and the time of year your home is most likely to be struck by hurricane force winds and accompanying flying debris is late summer through the end of November. This means even if you order your new shutters or impact glass today, you will most likely  be protected through the worst of this season, as well as future seasons.

Remember, Plywood, of a thick enough ply and attached with appropriate length and spaced tapcons will offer some protection. The problem is, the plywood is always scarce at the time of a storm. The tapcons also have a way of disappearing off the shelves, and if you are lucky enough to find the 5/8 or 3/4 inch thick plywood and screws, you will need two people and about 30 – 45 minutes per window of hard work as the storm approaches. Or you can have high quality Folding Shutters installed that close with your fingers and take a minute per window or less. Our shutters still work beautifully on homes in south Florida, even where they were installed nearly 20 years ago! Rolling, Colonial or Bahama shutters also can offer full hurricane and impact protection, as can our line of impact windows and doors.

If you are unsure as to whether your home is storm ready, feel free to request one of our professional project managers to come out for a free estimate and evaluation.

Our project managers can drop by your home to answer any question you might have about your home’s storm security.

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