When Fiona Comes, Watch Out!


Formation chance is now at 90%

Tuesday MorningDisturbance 1 High

We have been watching a disturbance come off the African coast and cross beneath the Cabo Verde Islands over the past few days. As of Tuesday morning the weather system is yet unnamed, but it should be named Fiona within the next 24 – 48 hours. The system is moving across the Atlantic in a west-northwest motion at about 10 mph. This should put Fiona in our area before the weekend of August 27. Given the formation the weather conditions as it crosses the ocean and other factors, she could be a major storm.

We might get lucky, but now is the time to be prepared. Check your emergency supplies, your evacuation or shelter plans. Test your shutters or other impact protection systems. You do not want to be going out Saturday morning to find you are missing screws, nuts, panels or have a sticking shutter.

If you do not have sufficient protection, contact a reputable local impact protection specialist. If you are located anywhere in Broward, Palm Beach, Martin, St Lucie, or Indian River counties, Castle Impact Windows and Folding Shutter offer the same quality that has built their reputation for nearly 50 years! Contact us for yuor free no obligation evaluation and quote.

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