Horizontal Roller Windows


When you live in The Sunshine State, you want the windows in your home to strike the right balance of functionality and beauty to let as much sunshine into your home as possible. However, the larger the surface area covered by glass, the more vulnerable to damage a window becomes. Luckily, our Castle Impact horizontal roller windows are just as visually pleasing as they are durable.

What are Horizontal Roller Windows?

Modern and versatile, the Horizontal Roller combines state-of-the-art window design with a clean, classic style. Similar to a sliding door with tracks that are built into the top and bottom of the frame. Horizontal roller sashes are positioned side by side with a slight overlap and have low friction rollers to allow the window to be smoothly operated horizontally.

Are Horizontal Roller Windows Right for My Home?

Offered in 2 and 3-lite configurations where one or two sashes are operable, sliding windows are popular in areas with limited space, exterior walkways, and living spaces close to the window. If you are looking for the right combination of style, functionality, and protection, horizontal roller windows are your ideal option.

What are the Key Features of Horizontal Roller Windows?

  • Left or right horizontally rolling sash
  • A wide range of styles and sizes
  • Removable operating sash for easy cleaning
  • Low friction stainless-steel rollers in a nylon housing for smooth operation and durability

Want to Install Horizontal Roller Windows in Your South Florida Home?

Horizontal roller windows in Florida are a great way to add value and protection. Contact us at Castle Impact Windows today to learn more and get a free estimate.

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