2017 Trends in Property Development and Renovation


2017 Trends in Property Development and Renovation

According to the Department of Energy, the country will experience an increase in energy consumption (electricity, natural gas, and oil) in the next 20 years by 45%, 62%, and 33% respectively. The problem is the supply will not increase with the demand and consumers will eventually have to pay a higher price.According to Architosh, a global tech publication, one of the top 5 trends this 2017 is the establishment of smart cities. Smart cities refers to urban development that integrates Information and Communication technology (ICT) with the Internet of Things (IoT) so that lives will improve through smarter use of energy and other basic utilities and services, waste management, enforcement, engineering, information, and design. The Department of Transportation has already begun awarding federal grants so inner city systems can be improved like the transit system.Last year, the first summit on Smart Cities took place in Austin. It was established then that smart technology is the future as the world has limited natural resources, many of which are not renewable. This kind of technology, while able to protect resources, will also be able to improve the quality of life and allow consumers to track their energy consumption more accurately.Smart cities are made up of smart buildings and homes – not just in services and infrastructure. Part of what makes a smart home are smart windows.What are Smart Windows?Smart windows have the latest technology for blocking light 100% or in percentages with the use of a simple control button or knob. You can also have a smart window with moderate technology that does not require the use of any knob but still is able to control light and heat from inside and out. These are called smart windows because it can reduce your energy consumption. According to Architosh, about 2% of the country’s energy is spent on residential windows.A few facts about windows:

  • Your windows comprise part of your last security defense against heat, wind, rain, and even intruders
  • Solar radiation can enter your home through your windows which is known to be dangerous to your eyes, cause fatigue, and has the potential to cause cancer
  • Impact windows are just as important as energy efficient windows if you live in a hurricane-prone area
  • Improperly-fitted windows increases your energy consumption and leads to early wear and tear

The latest in window technology include Wi-Fi connected windows which automatically adjusts temperature and light, electrochromatic glass which changes color, and smart glass film which is less expensive than smart glass and offers most of the benefits of smart glass.Although new technology can be more expensive, why not consult with our resident expert and find out what options are available for you within your budget.

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