3 Ingenious Tips on How to Keep Your New Replacement Windows Sparkling and Like New


3 Ingenious Tips on How to Keep Your New Replacement Windows Sparkling and Like New

Your new replacement windows were just installed! Now’s the time to start thinking about how to extend the new-ness of the windows with some simple tricks aside from general cleaning like dusting and wiping the glass.First, have you ever heard of water repellent liquid? There are several products in the market that are mainly sold in auto supply stores because they are for car windows. However, you can and should consider them for your new replacement windows because they not only repel water but also oil and grime. In addition, this product makes it easier to clean glass while preventing scratches and build-up. You can actually make your own solution if you are inclined with simple white vinegar and water at a ratio of 3:1. Spray the solution on dry, clean glass and wipe with a clean cotton cloth until completely dry.Light oxidation, which are hard water stains on glass caused by rain, humidity, or tap water, is not easy to remove. You will need warm, soapy purified water and a cloth or squeegee with a little abrasive texture that guarantees scratch-free when used. You can also buy mild acid in hardware stores. Just be careful when using it to avoid accidents.Second, reduce condensation. Reducing water condensation is also important because it will lower the chances of mold growing inside your home or of attracting insects. Simple tricks to reduce condensation is to allow natural ventilation to pass through the room. However, if you cannot open the windows, turn on a fan to allow the indoor air to circulate properly or use a dehumidifier. Also, make sure there is no firewood in the room regardless if the wood is seasoned or not. Firewood contains up to 45% water which can be released into the room.Third, use a cream wax cleaner to clean vinyl replacement windows. Make sure to avoid anything abrasive because that will dull the vinyl finish quickly. We also recommend the occasional lubrication of any metal component once you start to hear some squeaking. At Castle Window, we always instruct our customers on proper care and maintenance of your windows to help extend the life span. In addition, we stand by our company guarantee and will be on call when and if you need further instructions.

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