3 Telltale Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced


3 Telltale Signs Your Windows Need to be Replaced

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just wave your arms and everything that’s broken is fixed or restored back to its original condition? One of the most burdensome news is finding out that something in your house is broken, like doors, locks, appliances, and windows. It’s hard because you know you’re going to have to spend money to get it fixed – money you may not always have in ready supply.Fortunately, with most of these, you can see early signs of damage and plan a budget and schedule for the repairs or replacement. With window a replacement consultation, we at Castle Impact Windows are willing to help you assess the situation and give you advice so you can arrive at a decision that is not only favorable for you, but least stressful as well.Here are the most common telltale signs that you will need to call a window specialist to assess the condition of your windows.

Sticky Windows that Fog Up

Once your windows start to get sticky while opening or closing them, you should start investigating. Sticky windows can be caused by any of several things: dirt, debris, tight springs, old weather-stripping, or a damaged/warped window sash.If you inspect and see dirt, grime, dust or debris, simply remove. If the buildup is severe and difficult to remove because it has not been cleaned for many months or years, you will need to call us at Castle Impact Windows so we can help you with the minor repair and restoration.If there is no dirt or debris, chances are the weather-stripping has worn down or the spring has tightened. Both situations should be remedied by a professional because an amateur DIY repair could aggravate the problem and cost you more money.Windows that fog up usually need replacement, although you may not have to replace the entire window system.

Your Energy Bill has Shot through the Roof for No Apparent Reason

This is a critical situation that needs immediate attention. If you have inspected your meters and personal, direct consumption and found nothing wrong and different from the previous months, then it’s time to look at heat loss or window leaks.Drafty windows will cause energy bills to spike by as much as 25%!!!! You can reduce this back to your previous consumption, or even lower, by replacing windows with energy efficient choices. Just make sure that you take into consideration all elements including climate, location, and the frequency that you open/close your windows.

House is Starting to Look Aged

Have you come home recently and noticed how aged your house is starting to look? Not dirty, not run down – but old and tired? You can invest in a fresh coat of paint but it usually does not work entirely. We highly recommend replacing old windows and doors because it’s the eye-catching embellishments of a house. New windows and doors can give your home a refreshing face lift. In fact, if you ever decide to move, realtors tend to look closely at windows not just from the curbside but up close. The new designs in windows will upgrade your home and improve air circulation, lighting, and property value.

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