4 Common Hurricane Prep Myths Debunked


4 Common Hurricane Prep Myths Debunked

Installing impact windows FL in your home is a great way to protect you and your family from all that comes with hurricane season! That includes debris impact, rain leakage, and wind damage! But still, a lot of people have their doubts about impact windows because of myths and misconceptions.Let’s debunk most the common hurricane prep myths:

What are the Common Hurricane Prep Myths, Debunked?

Taping ‘X’ On My Windows Will Keep Them From Shattering

Unfortunately, taping a huge 'X' on your windows using black electrician's tape will not keep your windows from shattering. In fact, it can lead to large pieces of glass that are potentially dangerous. So, unless you think black tape goes well with your style, we suggest Investing in impact windows FL.

Cracking a Window Open During a Storm Helps Alleviate Pressure

False, yet again! We’ve all heard this weather it’s in relation to a hurricane, tornados, or just nasty summer storms. We never suggest creating an opening to your interior during severe weather. Just think, if you leave a window open you may be letting air out, but you’re also letting window and water in.

Living in Inland Florida Will Keep Me Safe from Hurricanes

Unfortunately, this isn't true. Inland areas in Florida get flooded often because it’s still close to or at sea level. Hurricanes with high winds can also generate tornadoes, which can happen anywhere, including flat areas throughout the state. So, whether you live near the coast or far from it, always be prepared when a storm is coming.

Living in Upper Floors is Safer

Although living on the upper floor of an apartment will keep your feet dry in the event of flooding, there’s still a lot to take into consideration. Is there roof access on this upper floor? High winds can damage ill-prepared roofing. Are you near the windows? Staying in exterior rooms with a lot of windows around – even impact windows – can be unsettling. Make sure you have every element of your storm prep and evacuation plan evaluated!

What are impact windows fl?

Looking for Impact Windows FL?

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Invest in impact windows FL today to keep you safe during the hurricane season. At Castle Impact Windows, we are dedicated to providing high-quality impact windows at a reasonable price. Contact us for inquiries!

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