6 Ways Impact Windows and Doors Can Prevent Stress after a Hurricane


6 Ways Impact Windows and Doors Can Prevent Stress after a Hurricane

Preparing for an imminent hurricane is stressful. Evacuating or buckling down during the storm can be downright scary. The aftermath can be devastating. However, it doesn’t have to be. Installing impact windows can keep you safer during a storm, but can also prevent a host of potential problems once the storm has passed.Water DamageUnprotected windows and doors can easily allow your home to be at risk for water damage. Even if it appears to be cleaned up, water can slip through cracks in walls and flooring, or seep into carpets and upholstery, creating a perfect environment for mold or mildew to grow and wreak havoc in your home long after the storm has passed. Impact windows, properly fitted and sealed, can eliminate this possibility.TheftA broken window is an invitation for theft. With easy access, especially if your home has been evacuated because of a storm, what’s to stop a looter from helping themselves? Impact windows are an excellent deterrent. Made to withstand hurricane force without breaking, they stand up to intruders as well.AnimalsJust as we humans want shelter from a storm, so do wild or stray animals. A damaged entryway can invite hungry and scared critters to make themselves at home in your home. Returning from an evacuation to find not just damage to your home, but also a wild animal that needs evicting, is potentially hazardous for you and the animal. Impact windows can keep you and potential animal intruders safe.InjuryInjuries caused by hurricanes are not limited to just the duration of the storm. Shattered glass can cause serious injury during cleanup, and even after all appears to have been removed, shards can easily be left behind. Impact windows and doors do not break like regular glass. In the rare instance that an impact window or door does break, it will not shatter, making cleanup easier and much safer.Damaged PropertyMaking it through a hurricane can be difficult enough without having to worry about cleaning up or replacing damaged property. Repairs and replacements can be costly. Some possessions are priceless and irreplaceable. Installing impact windows can help protect your valuables and your peace of mind.CleanupImagine returning from an evacuation after a severe storm to find that all you need to do is a little yard work. Your home and everything in it is safe, dry, and just as you left it. Life as usual can resume almost immediately with no need for major cleanup.Hurricanes don’t have to be devastating. You and your home don’t have to be disrupted each time a tropical storm passes through. Save yourself money, stress, and a lot of work by contacting Castle Impact Windows for a free estimate.

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