Are Impact Windows Expensive?


Are Impact Windows Expensive?

During storm season, living in an area prone to strong hurricanes can be a worrisome situation. However, there are several things you can do to improve your home's chance of surviving a major hurricane. Installing impact windows in FL is a fantastic idea to start.If you're thinking about building or buying a new home in a place that gets struck by hurricanes or other major storms on a regular basis, you should factor in the additional cost. Although hurricane windows are more expensive, they are an excellent way to safeguard your investment.

Impact windows in FL hit by flying debris

What You Need to Know

What Areas Are at Risk from Hurricanes?

While natural catastrophes can strike anywhere in the United States, hurricanes wreak havoc on the east coast, specifically in South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, and Florida. These are the five states most likely to be impacted by a hurricane.

What Are Impact Windows and How Do They Work?

Impact windows are built to keep your windows safe from winds of up to 200 miles per hour. A Category 5 hurricane has wind speeds similar to this. Impact-resistant glass with a protective layer of ethylene-vinyl acetate or polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is used in these windows.Although these materials protect your home against flying items, it does not guarantee that your windows will not break in the event of a storm. The upside is that if windows do crack as a consequence of flying items or severe winds, they're designed to stay connected to the window frame, posing far less of a risk to homes.

Impact windows in FL installed

Are You Planning to Install Impact Windows in FL?

Lack of impact windows or hurricane-resistant windows increase the likelihood of your house collapsing during a severe storm. If you don't think your windows will resist heavy winds, it's advisable to replace them immediately. Schedule an appointment with us!

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