Are Impact Windows Required in Florida?


Are Impact Windows Required in Florida?

Have you heard of the Category 5 Hurricane Andrew that hit Florida in the year 1992? It is after this hurricane when legislators made significant changes and revisions to the Florida Building Code. Guidelines were passed to enhance the structural safety measures – one of which is the installation of impact windows in Fort Lauderdale.

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Requirement on Impact Windows

Florida Building Code Since 2002

Primarily, the significant changes in the Florida Building Code (FBC) became effective in 2002. Still, the Florida Building Code is updated every three or four years to make sure that it is as up-to-date as possible. Providing updated rules and guidelines is critical to counter the fast-changing effects Mother Nature brings. It is through these changes that your home and business are ultimately protected from devastating hurricanes to come.

Why Are Impact Windows Necessary?

In South Florida, every property owner is obligated to follow the hurricane protection protocols on all the doors and windows. Investing in hurricane doors and windows is essential for every establishment, as it provides the ultimate protection against strong winds often experienced yearly.

What Are the Specifications Required?

Impact doors and windows are not only necessary in areas near the coast. Inland residents are also required to have this type of door and windows. Any area situated within a mile from the coastal mean high water line is mandated to follow the FBC guidelines. Likewise, if you’re located in an area that often experiences wind speeds reaching 110 mph, purchasing impact doors and windows is necessary.

home impact windows fort lauderdale

Inquire About Quality Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale

Learning your region's requirements is important in complying with the FBC guidelines. It will also give the ultimate protection you, your family, and your home needs during a hurricane season. To get quality impact windows and doors, contact us today!

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