Average Doors vs. Impact Doors


Average Doors vs. Impact Doors

Nowadays, most homeowners in Florida replace their average doors with impact doors. The reasons for replacing these doors are not to replace a broken or wrong door; it’s to provide enough support in case a hurricane hits. Under normal conditions, average doors can serve their purpose but not as well as impact doors in Fort Lauderdale. Here’s the difference between the two to help you decide which type of door is needed for your home.

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What’s the Difference Between Average Doors and Impact Doors?

Average Doors

Ordinarily, average doors are built with insulating filler, two steel facings, and most of its frames are made of aluminum and wood. Furthermore, many of these doors likewise include a resilient wood block where the lock and handle are attached as an additional security feature. While this door is typically safe, homeowners who live in areas often affected by tropical storms or hurricanes should look into another option to provide their home with the highest level of protection.

Impact Doors

Contrarily, impact doors are designed with materials that have been tested and approved to protect your home from the most severe tropical storms and hurricanes. Aside from the composite reinforcements and thick fiberglass skins, impact doors are also made with specialized polyurethane foam cores.This door component is an added layer of protection to protect you, your family, and your home from unpredictable weather. Impact door companies also include beefed-up door frames and strengthened hinges to guarantee the door isn’t going anywhere when strong winds hit your home.

where can I get Impact doors fort Lauderdale?

Where to Buy Impact Doors in Fort Lauderdale?

Castle Impact Windows also provide impact doors that are tested and approved to withstand rigorous winds. Always remember that an average door is only useful when you’re located in areas that don’t typically experience tropical storms and hurricanes. If you happen to live in Florida, you should contact our staff for more information on hurricane doors and windows!

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