Can Impact Doors Prevent Burglary?


Can Impact Doors Prevent Burglary?

Burglary is among the most common crimes committed. Over a million burglaries happen in the United States every year. So, what can you do to protect your home and family? Installing hurricane windows and impact doors in Boca Raton is one way to increase security.

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Impact Doors Are Not Only for Hurricanes

Design Characteristics of Impact Doors

Did you know that impact doors will not only protect your home from strong winds and flying debris, but they can also secure your home in case burglars try to get inside? The principal design characteristics of these doors are the shatter-resistant material.They are securely attached to a heavy-duty aluminum frame that serves as a strong and more durable barrier to anyone who wants to break into your home.

Polyvinyl Butyral

If you’re wondering how impact doors can stay strong against intruders and hurricanes, the polyvinyl butyral substance is a big part of that. This substance is a type of resin that differs in thickness ranging from .020 to 1 inch, depending on the design pressure.

Low-Cost Security Option

Impact doors are a low-cost security option. You can even pick the material for your impact door, with aluminum, wood, or fiberglass as the most common choices. You can also have the door customized to fit your main entrance perfectly and you can add screen or glass to match your facade and exterior design.Typically, an impact door has a life span of 50 years. Hence, with impact doors, you can get that perfect long-lasting door style without compromising your family’s safety.

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Protect Your Home with Impact Doors in Boca Raton

Castle Impact Windows has tons of options available, especially when it comes to hurricane windows and impact doors. We can provide you with custom frames and various design options. Contact our friendly staff to get those perfect doors and windows for your home!

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