Can Impact Windows Stop a Golf Ball?


Can Impact Windows Stop a Golf Ball?

The ability to endure hurricanes isn't the only reason to install impact windows in West Palm Beach. While hurricane season is a frightening time of year in Florida, there are still other seasons where you want your home to be protected. You still want your windows to be intact when those seasons arrive, right? Here are a few more negative consequences that these windows can help prevent.

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Reasons Why You Need to Install Impact Windows

Baseball-Obsessed Neighbors

If you live in an area with a lot of baseball fans or young kids, it's only a matter of time before a ball game breaks out in someone's yard or on the street. When this happens, expect that someone will hit the ball too hard and too far—right into your window.If you don't want to be a spoilsport and ruin anyone's fun by telling them they can't play because your windows are broken, you can install impact windows for your home. With this, you can let the kids play their ball game. They won’t even have to worry because they can keep playing after a ball hits your glass since it won't break.

Living Near a Golf Course

Living in a house near a golf course has its pros and cons. You may enjoy looking out your rear window to see golfers playing. But what do you dislike? Fixing windows that have been shattered by golf balls. It will surprise you every time. Whether or not you notice the golfers who caused the damage, you're left with a broken window and a mess to clean up inside.What can you do to avoid having to clean constantly? Installing impact windows is the solution. Even if a golf ball strikes them, they will not break. With this type of window, you no longer have to do any repair or cleaning.

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What Else Can You Benefit from Impact Windows in West Palm Beach?

Aside from hurricanes, baseball-obsessed neighbors, and living near a golf course, there are other reasons why it is practical to have impact windows. See us for more information!

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