Crucial Details You Should Know about Window Trim


Crucial Details You Should Know about Window Trim

Window trim is a necessary part of the window system because it improves the insulation and energy efficiency of your property. It is also part of what makes the window look presentable by giving it that finished look. The window trim consists of several components, namely the head casing, apron, side jambs, and sill; all these parts work together to make the window system stable and structurally sound.The differences between the exterior window trim and the interior window trim are mainly in the finish and design. For example, the outer trim, if painted, use flat or low luster latex or alkyd-based, while the interior trim is water-based paint. Also, interior trim design tends to be more elaborate than the exterior trim because they are seen up close and have to compliment the rest of the interior design.Trim, as a general rule, only needs major cleaning once or twice a year unless you live in a highly polluted area. When major cleaning, you will need to wipe the trim with a solution of mild detergent and water to maintain its pristine appearance. In case there is mildew, a little vinegar and water can be used to wipe down the affected area and even soak until the mildew and mold break down.For interior window trim, the top 5 recommended simple trim details for the modern home are drywall returns, flat stock, no trim, thin trim and jamb extensions, and reveal details.#1 Dry Wall Returns is an affordable, no hassle option that creates a clean opening and makes it appear that the window naturally and seamlessly integrates into the wall. To use this trim, return a piece of drywall to the opening of the window and forgo any complicated trim reveals or carpentry.#2 Flat Stock Window Trim is probably the easiest trim detail because it merely has no fuss in its detailing. This kind of trim uses 1x4 butt or mitered joints matched with a base trim and a flat stock door. It's simple, neat but ultra modern.#3 No Trim Windows are best for large picture windows or the all-glass windows look that extends from floor to ceiling. This is not one of the cheaper options, but the effect is breathtaking!#4 Thin Trim and Jamb Extensions offers that hollowed look to the window where the trim extends through the depth of the wall. It's clean, stylish, and minimalist, but is more expensive to create than the other trims because it entails more work and material.#5 Reveal is a trim design that creates shadow lines around the frame. This trim is similar to jamb extensions in cost because of the need for precision alignment and attention to detail.For your window trim inquiries, contact us at Castle Impact Windows. Our team is ready to address any concerns with innovative and practical solutions guaranteed to please you!

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