Does Your Home Need a Hurricane Door?


Does Your Home Need a Hurricane Door?

Because storm doors are so widespread, it's simple to believe that they are an essential architectural element or even a requirement of building codes. The truth is that these hurricane doors in FL serve various purposes, some of which can be extremely helpful to homeowners.

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Purpose of the Storm Door

Saves Energy

Consider your home's building structure if you want to choose the perfect hurricane door. This type of door will physically separate the climate-controlled interior from the unconditioned exterior exposed to the changing weather. Your home is shielded from energy loss and bad weather. Whether you’re using a furnace or air conditioner in your home, leaving the door open as you leave will jack up your electric bill. Leaving the front door open is the same as when you have a poorly insulated home. Moreover, heat or cold can penetrate worn-out weather stripping or around old windows.

Additional Security

A lockable storm door adds a degree of security between you and the outside world. It can deter potential burglars and make you feel secure when you open the door to a visitor on your porch. Installing a standard hurricane door is already a step forward if your current external door is insufficiently safe and you don't have the budget to change it.

Weather Protection

A hurricane door adds a layer of insulation between your home's interior and the bad weather outside, reducing the amount of heat that escapes through conduction. This is especially useful for steel and aluminum doors that aren't insulated. You can benefit from a hurricane door if the interior side of your door is chilly to the touch in cold weather. The same is true if your front door has difficult-to-repair air or water leaks.

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Do We Need Hurricane Doors in FL?

The weather in your area is an essential thing to think about when you're planning to purchase a hurricane door. If you reside in a place where you experience anything from strong winds to heavy downpours and severe winter storms, having this type of door is highly recommended. Give us a call if you’re ready to purchase one!

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