Do’s and Don’ts about Garden Windows


Do’s and Don’ts about Garden Windows

Garden windows allow you to bring in sunshine, potted flowers, and herbs all year round, which is probably the reason they were thought of in the first place. Unlike bay windows, garden windows give you that feeling of more space and light through a box-like window with a 90 degree angle and a “window roof.”Traditionally, garden windows were installed in kitchens above the sink or counter, but modern designs sees this kind of window now in bedrooms, bath rooms, and common areas like the living room and den. With the garden window, you can now have a mini solarium in your private space without incurring huge expenses!As you plan your new garden window, it’s important to know a few crucial details, especially the do’s and don’ts of installing a garden window.First, choose the right location. Garden windows protrude from the side of the house so you have to make sure that the protrusion will not hamper movement right outside the window. It should not be placed near walkways or close to patios.Second, while tearing down part of a wall to install a garden window is necessary, the wall will have to be inspected by a professional prior to demolition to make sure it will not compromise the structure. Also, the wall will have to be checked for damaged surfaces, strength and viability.Third, unless you hire a professional team to install your new garden window, make sure that you have the new window to fit exactly and to be delivered one or two days after part of the wall is removed. The advantage with using a company like Castle Impact Windows is the seamless and convenient process since a DIY job means ordering the window and waiting several weeks for delivery.Four, major renovation like breaking down part of a wall may require a permit. With Castle Impact Windows, the team takes care of this legal requirement, if needed. A DIY job will necessitate you to handle the documentation and permits on your own.Five, avoid recycling materials when installing a garden window, especially window trim. The window will need to be on stable foundation. Rotten wood will only mean a window that will break down sooner than later.Finally, with Castle Impact Windows, we can help you make smart choices, like the use of tempered glass. Tempered glass will be safer because if it ever breaks, it will shatter into small, blunt glass bits instead of dangerous chards.

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