How Strong is My Window?


How Strong is My Window?

The majority of households are aware of the significance of protecting your home with impact windows in Fort Lauderdale ahead of a storm. What about the remainder of the time? The climate in Florida is often fickle. At any time, high winds and bad weather might occur. As a result, the topic of how much force or pressure a window can endure remains open.

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How Can You Figure Out How Much Pressure an Impact Window Can Take?

Supposed Wind Speed to Break Windows Storms and high winds can wreak havoc on houses and structures, tearing roofs off and breaking windows. While no exact wind speed can cause your windows to shatter, you may determine how much pressure your windows can sustain by looking at the technical performance statistics for your particular window type. It’s important to know so you can be prepared.

Look For the Design Pressure Ratings

Look for the design pressure rating for your windows to see how much wind your windows can sustain before shattering. This information can be found on the product datasheets from the manufacturer.

Requirements for Design Pressure

Design pressure standards for windows are defined by each municipality depending on maximum wind speeds in the area. High design pressure requirements are standard in areas prone to high winds or frequent storms, such as South Florida. Windows in Miami, for example, may have design pressure ratings of 50 to 70 pound-force per square foot, allowing them to resist wind speeds of 140 to 160 miles per hour.

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Are You Looking for Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale?

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