How to Choose Window Replacements for a 2018 Renovation


How to Choose Window Replacements for a 2018 Renovation

If you’re planning to do some house work in 2018, it’s about the right time to start planning regardless of the magnitude of your plans, especially if you are thinking of upgrading your windows. These next few months can be used as a litmus test for the efficiency and safety of your existing windows. Here’s why:

  • If your window is prone to condensation, it could cause respiratory issues due to mold growth
  • If you can’t open your windows properly to prevent condensation or mold growth in your room, you risk weakening your immune system
  • If your aluminum or vinyl windows are over two decades old, they could be on their last legs with signs of rusting, increased indoor humidity, and cracked seals.

Here are some valuable and practical tips on how to choose replacement windows.

  1. Choose windows based on your priorities. Are you more interested in curb appeal than energy efficiency? Do you care more about the cost than the benefits of a higher quality replacement window? What rooms are you planning to replace the windows? This is critical because a kitchen window should swing open to allow for food and cooking smells to escape outside while a living room window may be more for aesthetics if you have sufficient ventilation already in the room. By listing your priorities according to room, you can save a lot of money and enjoy a one-time inconvenience rather than a recurring problem.
  2. Order window replacement systems that match your architecture. Companies with excellent reputation for custom-made windows like Castle Impact Windows can recreate designs or come up with expert suggestions on the best designs suited for your house. This applies not just to the window design but also the choice of materials used. What you should not compromise on is quality, proper installation, and a guarantee from the supplier on the window system.
  3. Don’t forget about maintenance. Although new window replacements should only require the usual cleaning and dusting. And some designs will require more cleaning time than others if they are intricate. A good suggestion would be to choose low maintenance windows for hard-to-reach windows and more intricate designs (if that’s what you want) for ground floor rooms.
  4. Don’t forget ventilation! Windows are important to allow for some ventilation to freshen the indoor air. Some window systems are closed systems, which means you can’t open them. While this is a good security choice, you might end up with a stuffy house which is not a good idea if you have house pets and enjoy home cooking. On the other hand, if you consult with a professional, they can custom-make windows with a fixed system but a small opening.
  5. Finally, don’t forget to think about the position of the sun. There may be rooms where you do not want direct sunlight early in the morning or high noon.

With these tips, remodeling and replacing windows should be seamless, uneventful, and well-done!

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