How to Maintain Your Accordion Shutters


How to Maintain Your Accordion Shutters

In the event of a disaster, accordion shutters in Palm Beach, FL, can provide long-term security for your home and family. They're simple to use, and they only require four simple procedures to maintain. So you won't have to spend a fortune or take a lot of time to keep these hurricane shutters in good working order.Follow these simple preventative maintenance methods to protect your accordion shutter investment and maintain them in operating order.

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Steps to Maintain Your Accordion Shutters

Step 1. Put Your Accordion Shutters to Use at Least Twice a Month

It's a good idea to open and close your shutters at least twice a month to keep everything up and running. This is essential for removing any debris that has accumulated. This is also an excellent time to examine your shutters for any broken or damaged components.

Step 2: Keep the Tracks Clean on a Regular Basis

To clean the tracks of your shutters, fill a bucket halfway with warm water and a small amount of mild soap. Then wipe along the tracks with any kind of rag or soft brush to remove any build-up of dirt, bugs, or other material that could prevent the shutter from opening and closing properly.

Step 3: Lubricate Your Accordion Shutter Tracks and Screws Twice a Year

In the accordion maintenance process, this is a critical stage. In Florida, the air is humid and salty. Your shutters may struggle to close and open if they aren't properly lubricated.It's recommended to use a clear silicone spritz lubricant designed specifically for aluminum shutters. Avoid using greasy lubricants, since they can trap salt and moisture, speeding up the rusting and corrosion process.

Step 4. Wash Accordion Shutters Twice a Year

To keep the shutters looking clean, slick, and sturdy, gently wash them with soap and warm water. They can be washed with a brush to retain their shape while getting a thorough clean. Note that it is important to use gentle soaps and brushes instead of harsh ones. Otherwise, your accordion shutters may be damaged if you don't.

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