Hurricane Doors Miami | Are Your Doors Hurricane-Resistant?


Hurricane Doors Miami | Are Your Doors Hurricane-Resistant?

Hurricanes can rip your house apart. It can tear it down into a gazillion pieces. Strong winds are capable of destroying the structure and the foundations of your home. For years, America has witnessed a number of catastrophic hurricanes and deadly storms. If you live in a state where hurricanes are a common occurrence you have to be prepared. You should safeguard your home by installing hurricane doors Miami and hurricane-resistant windows.

What AreHurricane Doors Miami?

Hurricane doors are specially designed doors that aim to protect your home against strong winds during hurricanes. These doors are tested against positive and negative pressures to evaluate their strength in withstanding different wind speeds. Hurricane doors must be able to endure winds from 110 to 170 miles/hour in order to effectively shield your home.

Why InstallHurricane Doors?

The simple fact that hurricane doors are capable of protecting your home during a storm should convince you to invest in them. During a hurricane storm, the air pressure outside will plummet while the air pressure inside your home remains the same for as long as all the doors and windows are kept closed. If one door or a window breaks, there will be a sudden pressure change and this can cause high winds to get inside breaking the glass and damaging your property.

What OtherBenefits Can Hurricane Doors Offer?

Aside from protecting against hurricanes, impact doors willalso protect your home from burglary because these doors are impossible tobreak. They also add more value to your home, and they are designed stylishly.

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Need Hurricane Doors Miami?

Protect your property by investing in hurricane doors Miami. Castle Impact Windows has been providing South Florida with a complete line of high-quality hurricane protection solutions. Whether you are in the market for aluminum or vinyl impact windows and doors, or hurricane shutters, we can help get your home secure and ready for a storm. Make the smart decision to protect you and your family by calling us today!

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