Hurricane Protection For Your Home


Hurricane Protection For Your Home

Anyone that lives or owns a home in coastal areas where hurricanes occasionally hit should take the proper precautions to prepare their windows. When a hurricane has been spotted, many times you will see people placing plywood over their windows to protect them. Although this is a great and cheap way to protect your windows there are other things you can do before the onset of hurricane season.One of the products you can have installed on your home are hurricane shutters. Castle Impact Windows has 5 different kinds of shutters available.

  1. Folding shutters – their folding shutters are engineered to provide maximum protection from damages caused by violent storms and hurricanes. They are easy to open and close. They are attractive and secure. The shutters can also provide extra security. These shutters are equipped with a military grade locking rod system. It has proven to be the most effective way to secure a shutter whether it is open or closed. The track is felt lined so here will be no rattling when the shutter is closed or opened.
  2. Rolling shutters – these shutters are manufactured using all-aluminum slats and housing. The shutters have an architectural grade finish and is equipped with stainless steel hardware. If you keep up with basic maintenance, you may never have the need to replace them again.
  3. Bahama shutters - these shutters are made from a maintenance free aluminum and are virtually weatherproof. They are specially engineered for long-lasting protection, durability and quality.
  4. Colonial shutters – these shutters are patterned from the original shutters of New England. They not only enhance the beauty of your home, they also protect it against hurricanes. They open and close with ease and keep out the sound of the howling winds and rain.
  5. Removable Storm Panel shutters – these shutters offer low cost protection for your home. They are made of heavy duty panels and rails. When the shutters are not in used they can easily be stored.

Castle Impact Windows offers a 5 year warranty on all of the shutters and also a 5 year warranty on their work. They will come out to your home and give you a free estimate of what it would cost to have shutters installed on your home. They will be able to guide you in making the decision on what shutters are best for your home and the area you live in.

“I purchased my shutters in 2007 I live in the Caribbean, the island of Anguilla to be specific my shutters stood up to Irma and this is a testament to the quality I have since recommended this product to others here in the Caribbean”

Allan C. Island of Anguilla  

“You are doing everything right. Can’t think of anything that needs improvement. Very pleased”

H. Lee, Lake Worth, FL  

“I’ve used you guys twice. I’d use you again in the future. You do great work, in a timely fashion. Thanks for a great job!!”

D. Pruss, Lake Worth, FL