Impact Windows Installation Can Help You Save Money


Impact Windows Installation Can Help You Save Money

The Florida Division of Emergency Management claims that one of the enemies of your home during a hurricane are the doors and windows. It has been demonstrated that it is wise to replace old windows with hurricane-resistant, high-impact ones for safety. When it comes to your finances, it is also a very wise decision. Here are why purchasing impact windows in Fort Lauderdale can help you save money.

Impact windows in fort Lauderdale and doors installed in home

Purchase Impact Windows to Save Money

Increase Property Value

A Cost vs. Value Report highlighting several home improvement projects and their effects on the value of a home is prepared and published by Remodeling Magazine almost every year. Impact-resistant windows were the common denominator that increased the value of a home. It was apparent that installing that kind of window can boost a home's resale value.

Reduced Energy Costs

Impact-resistant windows feature laminated glass and specific coatings that work as a barrier to keep heat out of your house. Florida experiences 90°F or more for more than 100 days each year. Despite being lovely, our environment might bring us unexpectedly hefty air conditioning costs. Florida's sunshine will be much more pleasurable if you get hurricane-resistant windows placed in your home and experience decreased energy costs.

Impact windows in fort Lauderdale installed in the kitchen

Other Benefits of Impact Windows in Fort Lauderdale

Better insulation than standard windows is a feature of energy-efficient windows, which stops air leakage from your house. Lower heating and cooling expenses are only one of the advantages that these windows have to offer. They provide storm damage prevention, home protection, and home value enhancement. Hence, your savings will include decreased insurance premiums, reduced energy costs, and enhanced home market value when you decide to replace your old windows with high-impact, hurricane-resistant windows. If you reside in an area vulnerable to hurricanes, it is highly imperative to consider installing impact-resistant windows. Moreover, the Florida building regulations mandate the use of more energy-efficient impact glass in windows and doors for all new construction after Hurricane Andrew's devastation in South Florida in 1992. To get impact-resistant doors and windows, you can schedule an appointment with our staff at Castle Impact Windows.

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