Recently Retired Storm Names


Recently Retired Storm Names

The World Meteorological Organization decides the names of hurricanes and tropical storms. According to Wikipedia, there are six alphabetic lists of names. One list is used each year, which usually means each name gets reused every six years.In 1955, the United States Weather Bureau started retiring storm names of significant hurricanes. On average, one Atlantic storm name is retired every year.With storms getting stronger every year, it’s highly likely we’ll see more and more storm names being retired. Make sure you’re ready for the next storm. Always have your emergency supplies on hand and ready to go, and don’t forget to protect your home too! The best way to protect your home is with hurricane impact windows, doors, and hurricane shutters.Unfortunately, some of you that are reading this blog will remember a few of the storms listed below. Here are the names of storms that were retired since 2000:Keith, Category 4, 2000Allison, Tropical Storm, 2001Iris, Category 4, 2001Michelle, Category 4, 2001Isidore, Category 3, 2002Lili, Category 4, 2002Fabian, Category 4, 2003Isabel, Category 5, 2003Juan, Category 2, 2003Charley, Category 4, 2004Frances, Category 4, 2004Ivan, Category 5, 2004Jeanne, Category 4, 2004Dennis, Category 4, 2005Katrina, Category 5, 2005Rita, Category 5, 2005Stan, Category 1, 2005Wilma, Category 5, 2005Dean, Category 5, 2007Felix, Category 5, 2007Noel, Category 1, 2007Gustav, Category 4, 2008Ike, Category 4, 2008Paloma, Category 4, 2008Igor, Category 4, 2010Tomas, Category 2, 2010Irene, Category 3, 2011Sandy, Category 3, 2012Ingrid, Category 1, 2013Erika, Tropical Storm, 2015Joaquin, Category 4, 2015Matthew, Category 5, 2016Otto, Category 3, 2016Harvey, Category 4, 2017Irma, Category 5, 2017Maria, Category 5, 2017Nate, Category 1, 2017

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