Technologies of Impact Windows Explained Simply


Technologies of Impact Windows Explained Simply

Why buy replacement impact windows? Why is Castle Impact Windows able to sustain and grow in a very competitive industry?. One of the main reasons for its stability is the choices they make when they design, manufacture, and install their products: technology.Recent studies show that technology can improve the sense of safety and security of all members of a household by as much 61% and improves the relaxation and comfort of all those inside a home by 59%. Replacement windows that are energy efficient, for instance, can protect from the intense heat of the sun, maintain the indoor temperature at a level comfortable for you, and protect you from flying debris and harsh storm rains.On top of all that, technology will also save you money, improve resale value by an additional 5%, and improve the aesthetics of your home. Right now, the thought most prominent in many home owners considering replacement impact windows and doors is the cost. With that 5% additional resale value, your property has the potential to be worth over $10,000 if it’s current value is $200,000 or $20,000 if the current value is $400,000.The technologies used by Castle Impact Windows include the following:Low E-& Argon Glass – This is an energy efficient glass that can keep the indoor temperature of your home neutral regardless of the temperature outside. It will save your A/C or heater from working hard to maintain your desired temperature, especially if your replacement impact windows are double or triple-pane. “Low E” refers to the coating on the glass that can control solar heat while argon refers to the odorless and non-toxic gas between the glass panes that can block UV rays and protect against leakage.Fiberglass Frames – This technology came out around the mid-1990s and has about three times the strength of wood frames and about eight times the strength of vinyl frames. This means it does not stress window seals as much and can contract or expand as the temperature changes. In short, you are able to minimize rotting and extend the life of your window frames.Dead-light specialty windows – This is not new technology but new terminology, relatively speaking, and it refers to non-operating casement windows or fixed casement windows. The main advantage of this type of storm window is its watertight feature. It is often the first line of defense for second or higher floor windows that get the most amount of rain water.Design pressure – According to the experts like architects and window specialty manufacturers, like the team from Castle Impact Windows, design pressure is the rating a window receives that will identify the resistance of the window to wind and other dynamic pressure. For impact windows, you would want a higher DP rating. Although DP was introduced way back in the 1940s, it was not a building code requirement until later on. Today there are industry standards, especially for impact windows, and all impact window and door products must pass cycle, dynamic pressure, and structural testing in order to be certified and allowed in the market.

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