The Intangible Factors Many Home Owners Forget when Considering Window Replacement


The Intangible Factors Many Home Owners Forget when Considering Window Replacement

Window replacement is a milestone in every homeowner's life. It's one of those moments when you want it but hesitate because it's a massive undertaking, whether you have a professional come in or you attempt to do it on your own.You've considered the style, size, and cost and you are just about take the plunge… but wait! There are some factors you may have forgotten to take into consideration; elements that are not immediately obvious and will only show long after the windows have been replaced.First Intangible Factor: ComfortYour comfort goes beyond knowing you have replaced windows. Replacement windows can be installed improperly causing a draft or heat loss. This is why it is critical to either be an expert in replacement window installment or have someone who is an expert do it for you. You can also experience discomfort if suddenly you are having to deal with a glare or encounter hot spots while in the room. Hot spots can be caused by direct sunlight while glare is from direct sunlight or reflection bouncing off the glass. You may need to either change the glass or install window tint if you don't want to use blinds or curtains.Second Intangible Factor: Poor Ventilation Some rooms need more ventilation than others, like the kitchen and the bathroom. If you didn't choose double-hung windows for these two rooms, you could end up with a moisture-prone room. This can be dangerous for the bathroom because of slippery floors, while in the kitchen cooking odors may linger inside the kitchen or even spread to the rest of the house. The solution, if you would rather not change to double-hung windows, is to install a ventilating fan.Third Intangible Factor: SoundproofingClosely related to improper installation that causes drafts, you can also experience soundproofing issues because of poor installation or choice of window replacement. Soundproofing means the noise from outside, or the adjacent room is muffled if heard at all very similar to having thin walls. To enjoy good soundproofing, you can also select laminated glass, double pane, or storm windows.Consult with a window expert. You will be given several options, and you can even request a demo to ensure your complete satisfaction.By taking these factors into consideration before you make your decision on the window replacements, you avoid having to chase after other solutions that may not enhance the beauty of the new windows like the use of foam, additional caulking, or an added layer of glass.

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