The Realities and Aftermath of a Strong Hurricane


The Realities and Aftermath of a Strong Hurricane

Hurricanes are not just threatening at the time that it is happening but also after the winds have died down leaving destruction in its place. For example, Hurricane Matthew caused flooding which continued for four weeks after the storm, causing the death of 28 people and left thousands stranded and without homes.Other problems that a community experiences after a strong hurricane include:

  • Need for temporary shelter and affordable rental rates
  • Drop in property value
  • Damaged property, loss of personal belongings
  • Delay in help from government and civil groups
  • Emotional trauma

The hopeful reality is that all these problems can be prevented or minimized with proper planning and professional assessments. You don’t have to lose your home and personal belongings to a hurricane if you reinforce your home. However, tying down your roof with rope or nailing plywood across your windows has been proven to be ineffective. Strong winds can still pull these away and even cause a disastrous situation with flying debris. The plywood could even hit someone miles away!No, what is needed is a professional plan for several reasons. One, it helps everyone feel safer. Two, you are also guaranteed to have a solution that will last for years. Three, a professional plan will improve the value of your property. Four, it’s a one-time investment and the long term expense is very reasonable. And five, you do not suffer from grief and trauma from the hurricane experience and can even offer your home as a shelter for friends and others in the community.The key to facing natural calamity and potential disaster is being in control.By taking control of the situation, you eliminate anxiety and are able to think clearly because you have an organized plan. Part of this plan should include significant others. They need to know your plan in order to help and assist you.Being in control also means you will have all your mental faculties to handle the aftermath. This would include having cash on hand, critical numbers to call, emergency supplies and batteries, and a solution for living without power or heat.Give us a call today and let us help you create that plan. With the 2017 hurricane season predicted by Global Weather Oscillations (GWO) to be the most dangerous compared to hurricanes seasons of the past decade (GWO has an 85% accuracy ratio), it’s time to professionally prepare your home.

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