Tips for Choosing the Best Impact Resistant Windows


Tips for Choosing the Best Impact Resistant Windows

For those who live in the coastal areas, having impact-resistant windows is a must. Having good, quality impact-resistant windows installed in your home will give you peace of mind during hurricane season. Impact-resistant windows are a little more expensive than conventional windows, but the cost is worth it. Choose the windows that are going to give your home ultimate protection and will not need to be replaced for a long time. Make sure to work with the window company to ensure that you are choosing windows that are sturdy, durable and manufactured using the latest technologies.If you are wanting to change the style of your windows from a standard window size, it is important to have custom impact-resistant windows installed in their place to make sure that the new windows fit tightly. This will decrease the chance of any water or air leaks. The Picture/Fixed Lite Architectural Windows from Castle Imlact Windows are available in standard shapes such as arch, picture, oval, full circle, quarter circles, fan, elliptical, hexagon, triangle, gothic, half circle, trapezoid and pentagon. There are custom shapes that are also available and you can also have optional laminated insulating glass included in the windows.They also have Single Hung/Double Hung Impact-Resistant windows that are available in a nica range of sizes and styles. The windows have a bottom sash lock and most of the homeowner associations accept these windows for replacement of old windows. Horizontal Roller Windows come with a wide range of sash styles and sizes. They have a right and left moving sash and a center panel that is stablized. These windows are ideal for placement in very wide openings. The operating sash is removable for easy cleaning and the brass rollers give them a smooth operation and durability.A contractor from Castle Impact Windows will need to come out to your home because different cities and town have different codes that need to be followed when replacing windows. It is very important that these codes are followed. When they do come out to your home, they will discuss any custom requirements that may be needed.All of the windows come with warranties, but they will vary based on the manufacture. A written warranty is available with each window purchase. Extended warranties are also available. The company backs the installation of their windows for 5 years. New windows will bring new life to your home and also increase the value.

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Allan C. Island of Anguilla  

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