Tips for Securing Your Home Windows


Tips for Securing Your Home Windows

According to the US Department of Justice, in 2016, 40% of all home break-ins were done via an unlocked window or door. Furthermore, 28% of these criminals were able to enter a home even when there were people inside.The question is: are the locks you have right now sufficient and able to protect you?Inspect your LocksIt is a given that doors and windows need care and maintenance. Some of the typical issues that need regular checking include gaps or breaks from damaged caulking, cracks, crumbling frames, rot, jammed locks, missing lock parts, and air leaks.The best time to replace any of these is immediately after you see them and before they deteriorate further. For some damages, experts can repair and minimize costs.A good way to check the locks is to give the door or window a good shake. If you hear a rattle, then there is a problem. You can also check the knobs, weather stripping, and latches.Sometimes, the lock is in good condition but the window or door is weak in other aspects. You can do an air pressure test to check for leaks using an incense stick. It’s relatively simple and can identify areas where the air is coming in.Install Good LightingWindows that are visible from the street should have some kind of lighting to act as a deterrent. One energy-efficient lighting solution would be motion-sensitive lights. If you would rather not have a lot of lights during the night, you can trim any tree or plant that may be used by robbers to hide while trying to get into your house.Avoid Displaying ValuablesWith large picture windows, it’s not so easy to keep the peering eyes from seeing what’s inside. But you can do something to conceal high value items or install blinds which you can use when you are not home or asleep.Use Window SensorsThese are nifty sensors that are hooked electronically to your mobile phone or laptop. It informs you when the window is opened. These motion-trigger sensors can also be used for drawers, cabinets, and even refrigerators. If you plan on investing in a home security system, this item usually comes as part of a package.Invest in Reinforced GlassFinally, consider investing in reinforced glass of which there are several choices such as tempered, laminated, double glass pane, safety glass, bullet resistant glass, or wire mesh glass. You might also be interested in Plexiglass which is ten times stronger than regular glass or polycarbonate windows which are 250 times stronger than safety glass.

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