Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Your Hurricane Windows


Tips on How to Clean and Maintain Your Hurricane Windows

One of the biggest benefits of hurricane windows in Jupiter is that they’re extremely durable and offer major curb appeal. But, we’re sorry to say that cleaning your windows with just a damp cloth once every few months isn’t enough to keep them in their prime. If you want these fixtures to last and effectively protect your property, it's essential to maintain them by practicing the following care tips:

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How to Clean and Maintain My Hurricane Windows in Jupiter?

Window Frames

The frames of your hurricane windows should be cleaned frequently with mild soap and water. You should also check the seals of your windows or use weather-stripping, if necessary. Also, check the lock and sills to see if they're still functioning properly. It’s best to avoid using any abrasive cleaner, solvent, or oil-based lubricants on your hurricane window frames because over time they can encourage wear and tear. If you plan on changing the frame design of your windows or attach anything, consult with a window expert first to make sure it won't affect the functionality.

Glass Windows

To properly clean your glass windows, avoid using any sharp object or a high-pressure washer to prevent damage. We also recommend cleaning your windows and screen separately to prevent spreading dust and dirt. Lastly, if there’s any condensation on your windows, try to open them a little to allow air to circulate inside the room and minimize the temperature difference between the outside and inside of the room.

Avoid Using Commercial Glass Cleaners

Instead of using commercial glass cleaners, just use a little bit of soap to avoid getting suds on your window. Suds that stick to glass can cause a filter to coat the glass, leaving unsightly streaks and residues on the surface. Don't use paper towels when cleaning, if possible.

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Looking for More Information About Hurricane Windows?

Follow these tips to preserve your hurricane windows in Jupiter for the years to come. At Castle Impact Windows, we offer high-quality hurricane windows at a reasonable price. Contact us for more information!

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