Top 3 Factors in Choosing a Replacement Window for Your Home


Top 3 Factors in Choosing a Replacement Window for Your Home

Looking for and selecting your replacement windows can be a stressful endeavor, but it is something you should work on as soon as possible especially if the glass or frame has been weakened and shows signs of wear and tear.Typically, windows have a life span of 25 years but some have to be replaced when they are less than 10 years old because of a rotting wood frame, cracked glass, poor installation, aging house structure, and/or broken window seals. Some damages can be replaced as a DIY project like caulking and replacing weather stripping to stop leaking and drips. The main guideline for replacement windows is to assess the cost of a DIY and evaluate if it will cost more in the long run than a professional job.

#1 Cost

When choosing your replacement windows, one of the first questions to pop in your mind is the cost. Once you are sure that replacing windows is the better option, there are ways to lower costs so what you’ve been told by well-meaning friends and family will actually be a bloated figure compared to the actual cost. For example, you can get the single paned windows if you buy from a reputable supplier that can guarantee it is a modern design. You see, the older versions of the dual-paned window is very similar to the modern single paned designs in terms of heat and air-conditioning retention.Also, keep in mind that replacement windows will not require new framing. You might be able to save the old frame, thereby saving you even more.

#2 Maintenance

If you prefer a maintenance-free window, opt for the vinyl, or wood frame clad with aluminum skin, or composite hybrid because these have a four time longer life span with minimum maintenance compared to unclad wood or solid wood frames. What may help you decide between these two options is the fact that you cannot paint vinyl, and over time, they will weaken and start to leak as they lose air tightness. On the other hand, aluminum is not a good insulator which might not work for you during the cooler months, which is why clad windows may be the ideal solution.

#3 Aesthetics

Without a doubt, new windows that match your existing exterior and interior will add to the aesthetics and value of your property. In fact, according to realtors, you can expect up to 73% ROI on your replacement windows if you decide to sell your house. The exact ROI will depend on the materials you choose for your replacement windows, although it is always a good idea to stay faithful to the design and install the windows professionally so the new buyer has no reason to shout “Lemon!”At Castle Impact Windows, we do our best to accommodate all requests and designs. Give us a call and let’s talk.

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