What NOT to do During a Hurricane


What NOT to do During a Hurricane

If you’re a frequent reader of our blog, then you’re well aware of the value of being prepared for a hurricane. We’ve covered many aspects of hurricane preparedness, but one important topic that often goes neglected is what mistakes you should avoid during hurricane preparation and during the storm itself. Below we’ve compiled a few of the most common mistakes made during hurricanes so that you can be sure to avoid them yourself.DON’T Assume You Have Enough InsuranceMany homeowners assume incorrectly that since they have an insurance policy they are fully covered. They often aren’t completely aware of what is and isn’t included in their protection. As we’ve mentioned in a previous post, Homeowner’s Insurance-Make Sure You’re Covered In The Storm, take the time to read over your policy and talk with your agent about an insurance check-up. Make yourself fully aware of the extent of your coverage while the weather is still good.DON’T Wait Until the Last Minute to PrepareFlorida residents often have an idea of what steps need to be taken to prepare for a big storm. However, the mistake that is most commonly made is waiting until there is a hurricane watch or warning to gather supplies and secure property. This can put you at risk in several ways:

  1. Supplies may no longer be available.
  2. Crowds of people rushing to get supplies may cause panic.
  3. Going out when a storm is approaching can put you in danger as a storm can change without notice.

Well before the storm is on its way, stock up on supplies and have a plan for protecting your property. Contact Castle to find out how we can help.DON’T Wait to EvacuateBy far the most dangerous mistake anyone can make during a hurricane is ignoring evacuation orders or waiting until it’s too late to head to safety. Be familiar with evacuation routes so you know exactly where to go if a storm is approaching, and be on your way as soon as evacuation orders are given.DON’T Forget to Prepare for the AftermathEven those who are well-prepared for the storm itself may overlook the extra precautions needed once the storm has passed. Additional supplies may be needed if stores remain closed due to damage. Tap water could be contaminated and power could be out for some time even after the inclement weather is no longer a danger. Consider steps you may need to take, such as stocking up bottled water or purchasing a generator and fuel, to ensure your basic needs are met in the aftermath.A final word of advice: NEVER underestimate the power of a storm. Though we all hope for the best, it’s easy to think an approaching storm won’t be that bad. But don’t get caught off guard—assume that all precautions will be needed. As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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