Why Are There Different Options for Hurricane Shutters?


Why Are There Different Options for Hurricane Shutters?

Windows are a crucial part of the building that must be addressed to reduce hurricane damage. Likewise, hurricane shutters in Vero Beach are essential, so your home will be fully protected.  

According to studies, openings in a house are the second most exposed area during a storm after the roof. Knowing how to protect your home's windows will spare you the stress when the storms do arrive. But more significantly, it will safeguard your loved ones.  

Hurricane shutters are one of the most practical and economical solutions to protect your windows during a storm. However, there are several types of hurricane shutters, each with benefits and drawbacks. The best shutters for a home are a decision that homeowners frequently struggle with.  

It's wise to weigh the advantages of many items before choosing one. To compare different kinds of hurricane shutters, however, you must first be aware of them. Here are a few examples of the various hurricane shutter kinds.  

two hurricane shutters in Vero Beach

Types of Hurricane Shutters  

Storm Panel Hurricane Shutters  

This type of shutter costs little, but they are extremely robust. Moreover, it can also be applied to doors.  

Colonial Hurricane Shutters  

When you opt for a colonial hurricane shutter, it’ll be aesthetically beautiful and will not harm the house's exterior. They don't require additional storage because they are installed permanently.  

Bahamas Hurricane Shutters  

Hurricane shutters are permanently installed. Although permanent, they can easily be opened and closed inside the house. Bahamas hurricane shutters also provide some seclusion and shade.  

Roll Down Hurricane Shutters  

This shutter doesn't require more storage and can be placed permanently. It is a successful deterrent to break-ins.  

Accordion Hurricane Shutters  

A single person can easily install accordion shutters. They can be attached permanently and don't need storage. For added security, some models include locks.

white hurricane shutters in Vero Beach

Get Your Hurricane Shutters in Vero Beach  

At Castle Impact Windows, we have put together this simple guide for clients to gain information on what’s the best hurricane shutter for their home. If you are interested in learning more about the various hurricane shutter types, schedule an appointment with us!  

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