Window Replacement: Your Best Options


Window Replacement: Your Best Options

Too often you hear that windows and doors can make or break the curbside appeal of your home – and rightly so. When old windows and doors are replaced, you genuinely see a significant transformation. It might make you want to continue renovating the rest of the house – and that’s why they say it’s expensive!Another reason why the rumors surface that it’s too expensive to change windows and doors is because of the industry’s dark side. Yes, there are scammers and unscrupulous businesses (if you want to call them that) that are just out to get the most money they can at the lowest cost to them if any at all. The hype that claims “no cost to you” is hot air and you should be wary of these bloated claims, especially if it comes unsolicited. In fact, consumer groups are very vocal about this type of sales tactics because they are too good to be true.Your best option when you finally decide to take the step to improving the aesthetics of your house is to choose only companies that have a great track record. They should be able to give references and not demand full payment until the job is done. Any claims on tax credits should be double checked with your local or state authorities or manufacturer.Make it part of your checklist to also check feedback on installation, because no matter how outstanding the quality of the window or door replacement is, if the installation is faulty, you will have a problem. Installers should have insurance and the proper certifications including EPA certification that authorizes them to install replacement house parts for houses with lead paint.When choosing a design, you have multiple options, although the most commonly selected window designs are casement, double hung, bow and tilt and sliding windows. Door designs are less complicated and easier to pick since you primarily have the swing and slide options.Finally, if you’re worried about cost, here are some interesting facts:

  • Windows and doors have one of the highest ROI figures for remodeling projects, especially for fiberglass and steel doors.
  • All windows manufactured today have to pass a national standard rating so you can get the solar heat gain, U Factor, visible transmittance, condensation and air leakage numbers for each window design and product before you make your selection. All these will tell you how energy efficiency the products are.
  • Retrofit is an option you can consider instead of full frame replacement because you can save up to 15% on the total project cost.

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